Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hardware Washers/Crystal Effects 101 Class

My Three Favorite
Get ready for 101 Jewelry Class. I am getting ready for a craft show in two weeks and just finished twenty sets of jewelry.  These are all my own designs and I do not mind if you case but if you do please give credit where do.  Being a StampinUp demonstrator I try to use their supplies as much as possible.  In these sets I used micro beads on the base of the washers, the flowers are from the Pretties Kit, and I used the square scallop die for the base card stock (and card stock from StampinUp). I used clear packing tape to attach the backside of the jewelry to the card stock.  That way when my customers pick up the square everything stays in place and does not get mixed up or lost.
I had fun with the green one here. How do you like my modern design? There is a lot of work in these, more than you would think.  Crystal Effects is a must here for multiful purposes.  When not using wire to attach things I used crystal effects it is such a strong glue.  Also when done I gave my pins and necklaces a top coat and it gave the metal and beads the looks of glass.  I am at a loss without this stuff I use it all the time in my craft making it is a must buy.

Red and black are some of my favorite color combos.  Brown is not high on my color list but do like this set.
Teal is another color that I like.
I already sold the red one before I even got it to the sale. And I liked the teal one on the end so I made a duplicate to keep for myself.
This brown base is different it is wood and the beads are all wood. I think the pink one reminds me of an old antique set.  It is super heavy.
Three more sets that I really love.  The first one is so nice and shinny.  It has a little gold butterfly on it.  The middle one I used the silver duo bead set from StampinUp with silver wire wrapped around.  I liked how I used the wire to loop the string on the necklace.  The blue set is just that right shade of blue and I love the assortment of shapes on the beads.

Well I racked my brain this past week and can tell you there is not much space left to create more jewelry. So now I am off to use what is left to start doing some tiles.  Catch you later let me know what you think, have a good day, it is cold and rainy here.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rag Purses

Rag Purse Layout

If you have not tried the new rag purses you must give them a try they are easy and fun to make. Here is a picture of the layout after you put your squares together. You use the bigshot to make the scalloped squares using the large clear scallop square die. One for the front and one for the back with a smaller square (3 1/4" x 3 1/4") of batting between to make the quilting, finishing by stitching a "X" on each square to quilt it. Make sure you leave a 3/4" seam all around each piece. The seven square row is your bottom row of your purse (three in center), plus each side of your purse (the two at the beginning and two at end of row) you fold and sew up to make sides. The top two rows of squares are the front of your purse and the bottom two rows are the back of your purse. The little green "U" shaped strip is your closure for the front of your purse, 2" X 10". I added a scalloped flower to the front of my purse that is what the three scalloped circles are for at the bottom left (gathered in center by hand in a running stitch then pulled tight makes the flower on each layer). I also added a long pocket inside and a pocket on one of the sides. The outside is with the rag 3/4" seam cliped (meaning seam edge is on the outside) and the inside is a regular finished seam. So this is reverse from what a normal way to sew a garment but really looks cool. Remember to put a button on both sides because this purse is reversable. The more you wash your purse the more the edges fray and gives it that frayed rag look. I hope this makes sence if not you should be able to find a tutorial somewhere because they are popular right now. If not give me a gingle and I will try to help.

My Rag Purse
This is the purse that I made for myself. I used some left over material that I had used several years ago to make a vest for one of my daughters. That is one nice thing about this project it does not take very much yardage and I never get rid of my scraps because I am a quilter. The material on the handles, closure and black on the flower is kind of a velveteen and so soft and smooth to the feel. The print material is a corduroy and semiheavy so very firm and holds its shape very well. The inside is all lined with a black cotton.

Rag Purses
Here are the rest of the purses that I made. I ended up making a total of twelve in all. It gave me a chance to use some of my yard goods that I had been saving for just that special project. I used some of the old buttons from my mother and grandmother on these purses. I hated to used some of them but they matched so good I just could not resist. I do not know if they show up if you enlarge the picture or not but had lots of fun picking them out.

Well off to start a new project more next time let me know what you think.