Saturday, January 9, 2010

Make-Up Tray

Mariah Elizabeth Smith
Here is the make-up tray that I made for my granddaughter Mariah this Christmas.  Look several entries below and you will see an entry of how I made it.  I thought I would include a picture of how she looked when she opened it.  It was so funny.  When she opened it she said "Oh I got a basket?" Right away I corrected her and said "A Make-Up Tray"  And she comes back with "Ya a Make-Up Tray thats what I ment to say"  Good cover Mariah!

Here she is looking at her goodies inside.  Afterwards she told me that she had almost thirty bottles of fingernail polish.  I guess that explains why that day she had several different colors on different fingers.  I think it was green and orange here.  Was I this crazy when I was 13? I Love her to death though.


  1. Thanks for sharing the cute photos. Mariah has sure grown up a lot since I last saw her.

  2. I cannot believe how tall Mariah has gotten and how much she looks like her mom (must be the glasses). She really has matured into a real beauty.