Thursday, December 30, 2010

Burp Pads

Sorry I have been away so long it is a long story but I am back hope I can entice your interest.  Here are some pictures of some burp pads that I made as gifts.  My nurse is having a baby boy and I decided to make her four of them.  Then after I got them done I took them down to show some friends at bingo and got two seperate orders for four more.  I guess it does pay to show your goodies off!

Here they are, whoops I forgot the green one, will have to show that one next.  But the blue, orange and white are for my nurse plus the green one in the next picture.  The red one is for an extra order plus she liked the green one so much she wanted one just like it.  The other two the lady has not decided what she wants yet because the baby is not due till this spring.

Here is the green one.  I had a fat quarter that had these bears printed on the fabric and since I was going with the bear concept I thought this would be nice.  Everything on the burp pad is hand sewn except the black scallops fancy stiching on the inside boarder.  That is done with a cam on my sewing machine.  I ironed on each applique with fusable webbing then hand sewed around to create stitch marks.  Then after putting all my layers (3) together (there is a quilting material in the middle) I hand quilted around everything.  Some of the material is cotton fat quarters, others felt, flannel and the white is diaper flannel (hard to find in the store) so you can use white flannel instead.  Diaper flannel is a little thicker and I like it better. The edging on each I used matching seam binding.

This is my fav one of all.  The top picture is one side and the bottom picture is the other side of the burp pad as you can see from my first picture. The pictures are at the opposite ends so that when you place it over your sholder people standing behind you get to see the applique and the baby gets to lay her face on the smooth plain white side to burp on. Then it is reversed for the backside. The baby is going to be a girl and she is going to be born around valentines day so Clara wanted something red and with hearts.  I just love using the build-a-bear dies they cut out so nice and look so cute.  It was so quick and easy to do.  I need to get more clothing for them though. Hope you enjoyed let me know what you think.


  1. Okay, my boys got their baths and then I had to scoure the bathtub and sinks -- so 2 hrs. later I can post a comment!! This is why I never get anything done. As I told you on the phone, I love all of these -- wonderful gift ideas Kathleen!! My very favorite is the Build-A-Bear girl in red with the hearts. I closely inspected all of them to see if I could find a flaw -- but of course, nada one!! Must be nice to be multi-talented in all areas of crafting (see we do have different mothers!).

  2. OMG, Sandi is sooo funny!! I just got on my computer for the day and decided to check out the blogs and what do I see,,,both my sisters and something posted. How much did Sandi have to threaten you? I put mine on yesterday so I don't have to do another one until next week.

    Okay on to your creations. I sooooo LOVE them. They turned out real nice (and I didn't have to enlargen the photo to check for flaws. I already knew there wouldn't be any. TFS and it is great seeing you updating your blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!