Monday, July 25, 2016

2014 garden Fun

                  Well here is some pictures of all the fun I had in 2014 working in my garden.

This is my spot before I got started. My spot is in the top left hand corner to just past where you see my grape arbor.  It is 70 feet deep by 40 feet long coming this way to where you see the rusty pole just where the shade tree starts  in the center left front of the picture.  So 40 x70 ft space.

This is my other garden spot my 20 x30 ft berry patch. right now it is just four rows of strawberries and flowers planted around the tree.

This is the new spot for my black raspberries on the fence I put up for them

This is the red raspberries that I put in on the other side of the strawberries and the fence for them.

SURPRISE!  Look what I found just below the ground while I was smoothing out the dirt.  This is a huge rock.  I call it my Dino egg.  That is my hat beside it to help show the size.  Maintenance said they did not have the equipment to move it so I decided to work with it.  Here is what I  have decided to do with it.

As my friends know I like to collect cows in my house so now I am starting to add them to my garden.  I call this my zoo animals.  You can just make out my rock in the middle.  It had just rained and I had not cleared out much of the dirt around it.

This is my garden after it was planted.

My little resting area at the side of the garden.  The chair in the front with the umbrella attached to it is the chair I set on and weed the garden.   Because of the pain in my back I set on the chair to weed. The umbrella sure does help keep the heat down.

A friend who decided to spend some time with me one morning while I was weeding. He was just a foot away from me and just sat their for the longest time.  I was told the are called ground squirrels.
There were two of them and I nicknamed them Chip and Dale.  They made a bunch of tunnels in the garden but did not do too much damage.  They maybe ate a few green beans and a tomato here and there but oh so cute to watch.

                            Could not resist the beautiful shot.  That is a moth on the zinnia.

                  This is a new flowerI added miniature glades that I got from my bingo friend Doris.
I planted sunflowers on two sides of my garden this year and they grew so tall.  They were aver 7 foot tall and everyone enjoyed them.

My end of the season garden discount gem.  I call her my garden lady.  Isn't she pretty? Her green jewel beads shine in the sun.  She is about four feet hight.  I just love her.

I planted gourds in the garden this year but they did not turn out right.  But I bought these unfinished at the fruit market and painted them. I ended up having birds build nests in them later.

Well I told you I liked cows.  My friend Jan got me this at a garage sale.  It is a bird feeder on the top and bird house on the bottom.  I did not get any nests this year.

                                         This is the acorn squash patch.  It did pretty good.

Finally!  I waited two years for these lilies to bloom. They kept growing but would not bud and bloom.  I was just about to pull them up.  I am so glad I did not are they not beautiful?  I just love the color.

Along the left side and top are the sunflowers.  In the center is a row of dill. On right are sugar snap peas.  They are the kind that you use for stir fry.  They are so sweet and good.

My zoo animals in the fall of the season. And adding to the zoo my newest addition my cow angel in the front. Well that is my year in the garden I hope you enjoyed my year as much as I did let me know what you think.

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