Saturday, March 12, 2011

Find the Difference

Hello everyone time for some fun.  On my last entry for the Stampin Tuesday Challenge #4 I submitted card #030711.  Well I was kind of rushed for time to submit and after looking at my card for a few days decided to change a few things.  Can you tell me the eight (8) things that I changed?

First Card 030711

Corrected Card 030711

Now compare and let me know if you can find the eight (8) things that I changed.

I liked this card so much that I decided to make a matching gift bag to go along with the card.  Here are my pictures of the gift bag.

Gift Bag front #030711b and matching card #030711

Here is the matching gift bag.  Isn't it just to die for, I just love it, some of my most liked color combinations.

Gift Bag back #030711b and matching card #030711

Bottom right corner is showing what I stamped on the back of the gift bag.  I added the birdcage and little birdie from the stamp set "Nature Walk".  I also added some 1/4" Black and 1/4" Bravo Burgundy grosgrain ribbon to handle.  This is what I have been busy with the last few days now I have my housework done and time to open my extra large box from Stampin Up.  Been a while since my last order so cannot wait to try out some new stuff.  I told myself that I could not play until my work was done...but of course no one but God and me knows what was on that list.....Okay Lord I will put the stuff back in the kitchen that I took out when I washed my floors before I start!


  1. Okay here is what I found:
    1. changed ribbon across middle
    2. changed button
    3. added twine to button holes
    4. it looks like the gromment was stained/destressed.
    5. bees were moved to outer edge of oval
    6. moved both styles of leaves to show more
    7. changed type of flower for top layers

    It really is 8 since #6 counts for 2. LOL Well, how did I do? I loved the 1st one but now with the change up I think this is definately a great improvement. Great job Kathleen. TFS

  2. Well Kathleen told me I couldn't comment on this, but there really was only one thing that I knew she was going to change and she still changed that different than I thought so I am going to guess:

    1. Most obvious: different black ribbon, this one is wider grograin or you used 2 rows of the 1/8th" grograin.
    2. There is red twine on top of black ribbon now.
    3. The button in the center of the flower is threaded now.
    4. The middle/top layers of the flower are now black instead of green.
    5. More petals in the black center (you had 4 green ones, now there are 8).
    6. These same petals are turned right side up now (points were showing before).
    7. The bird-punch leaves are sticking out further now.
    8. Your grommet and leaves (bird tails) look a different color now -- leaves look yellow and gromment looks silver like you painted shimmer paint on it. Of course this is an extra guess because hard telling if it was your camera or if was really changed. And after looking just now at Lois's answer, obviously we both noticed this.

    How did I do? I do like this one better, but would have loved to have seen the same newsprint in the center of flower colored with the red. But totally know why you didn't as you wanted to tie in the black (see how well I know you).

  3. Sandi you did much better but only 5 right. Also I did use the newsprint with the Cherry Cobbler stamped with the flower stamp on the second layer of the flower. Since that layer was red and black I choose to use just plain black on the top layer. I will give you all one hint the grommet has nothing to do with my changes. I used the wrong card to take the picture. I ran out of white grommets so on two of my cards I had to use a black grommet. I was suppose to use the card with the white grommet but did not notice the mistake until I had already posted this entry. You guys are pretty close but these is still three (3) you have not found.