Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter is finally some SNOW

Well thought for a while there Winter had passed us by this is our second dump this winter but only about four inches.  This has been a very weird winter I would say.  But still wish it was spring.  And to top it off got my first wonderful cold from my wonderful kind sister Pam who spend a few days with me.  Which ended up giving her fresh cold to both me and to my other sister Sandi, such sisterly love can't be beat wouldn't you say?  I am on day four and finally feeling a little human again. Have not been doing much stamping lately but did go to a family get together and spent the day before at my sister Sandi Dailey's house doing stampin.  We did some awesome valentine cards.  I cannot show them to you at this time because I might use them in my upcoming class at the end of the month but will post them then.  I did put ten sets of stamps together yesterday and am excited to get started.

Here are some pictures of some wooden cars that I bought and painted and had up for sale at my last craft sale.  They are only about 1 1/2  X  3 maybe in size.






Since I do not have any new stampin stuff to show off I guess I will show you my next most favorite thing.  Yep, if you guess Henry my kitty you were right here are some of his latest photos.

Henry thinks he is ready to start stamping now! He is in my stampin chair behind my table.  But he does not fool me.  He is just sneaking up there to see where I hid his kitty treats on the table.  Sometimes in the morning I find them on the floor.  He has not found out how to open zip lock seals yet.

My HERO protecting my stamps
Lets see you get by this kitty guard

He may look like an Angel but believe me he is not.

And lastly O'King Henry of the Bed
Don't you just want to squeeze him?  He is so silky soft and furry.


  1. Love the wooden vehicles Kathy. Forgot that you did those -- you need to save some of those for your new grandson. And what can I say about the KING? Well it is was it is -- he is the King!! I think you have him thoroughly trained to pose now -- better make a porfolio of his pictures to see if he can make some money modeling and pay for his medical bills.

  2. everything looks so nice kathy, love the pics of the garden. you did great job. are those the purses you were working on b4 xmas? i seen they were from last year so thought maybe they weren't. they still looked cute. also, i didn't see any pics of henry getting into my bed, next time maybe