Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where Did The Time Go

Sorry, guess I let the time get away from me in updating my blog.  My sister kept telling me to post but I had other things to do and I did not know it had been so long since my last entry.  So I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.  Well my sister has been waiting to see my Christmas cards I did at my card class so I guess I will post them first.


A new friend saw this stamp set in the big book, ordered it and wanted me to do a card class using the layout in the big book on page 102. I cased it but changed it just a little at the bottom since Ann did not want the ribbon or the hardware.


Ann had a special preference for trees and snowmen so I dug out this old stamp set, still one of my favorate sets.  I used the masking tape method and dazzling diamonds with the window punch on the front of the card.  Top of the picture is of the front of the card and bottom picture is of the inside of the card.  I also used masking to create the snow mounds.   I had four ladies in class and none of them had ever stamped before so all of this was new to them.  I tried to keep it as simple as possible but class still took three hours and the last person to leave took five hours.  Maybe next time they will be more comfortable and used to stamping.

Now this card I thought would be the easiest card of the three to complete since I had all the piece's punched out and in a bag for each of the girls.  But it took the longest of each of the cards because of all the small pieces.  Each person got to make four cards of the three different styles for a total of twelve cards for $10.00.  I gave them a discount because it was their first time coming.  But some of them did extra cards and I charged them $2.00 per extra card they made.  I ended up with $58 for the day and we decided to have regularly classes every other month from now on. Super for my first try I thought.  I only had two cancel from this class so I guess the odds were in my favor this time.

Now just after this class I had a craft show here and this is one of the things I made for it.

Stampin Success Jan 2011 page 5

This is my pride and joy.  Is it not a cutie?  I just love, love, love, it.  I just have to tell you the story behind it. I seen it in the book and knew I just had to make it sometime so I sat it aside in my never ending pile of things to make.  I did not have the right spindle for it but had a small vase that could do in a pinch but not sure I wanted to use it.  Then one day I was taking my trash to the dumpster and some one was throwing away a perfectly good solid oak chair.  So who cares if part of one leg was broken...does that make it trash...NO.  Man I scarfed that baby up in a wink and knew just what it was meant for in its new life.  Those spindles were just perfect for what I needed them for.  Then a few days later someone else in the building was throwing another chair just like it away but this time the legs were just loose.  So now I had plenty of supplies.  I ended up making three of these and sold one before I even had it finished.  I told her $12 but she said it was worth $15 so that is what she gave me.  You cannot see the new Mica Flakes I added all over but they give it that winter look.  The head is a Styrofoam ball with Newsprint DSP mod podged on.  My  spindle did not have a wide enough base for the snowman to stand on so I went to the store and the only things I could find was a small glass votive cup for the base.  I glued the wooden spindle and the glass votive together then base coated them in gesso white, then lightly sponged  cherry cobbler.  The very bottom I added two sizes of scalloped circles at the based.  At the top of the spindle is also another medium scallop circle pushed through the spindle then glued crinkled felted small punched scallopes in cherry cobbler and white punched scallopes cut into old fashioned snowflakes (only because I did not have the snowflake punch) around the base giving it lots of height.  Saving some to add to the brim of the hat.  It is hard to see but the spindle does have notches and groves in it for dimention.

another view

You can see the hat better in this view.

So I guess that is enough for now I will save the rest for later.  So let me know what you think, would love to hear from you, Happy New Year.  Oh Ya I still have the top part of both chairs so if anyone has any ideas for them I am open, you know I just have to save them to use SOMEDAY.....


  1. you were almost a hundred percent right kathy, yes it was moria in the picture, but no i didn't reconize her, and yes i did read the whole thing, but didn't connect the part where you said it was, lol. and yes there is a spot to write a comment after each of your entries, but i don't have to follow you, do you still want me to do that, which i can if you want. i do like your stories as each one goes along, so keep it up. love it

  2. didn't see on your blog where it said i made a comment so wanted to let you know i did, so you can read it, maybe it just hasn't caught up with it yet. will look later. c ya.