Saturday, November 5, 2011

Now Down To Business

So do you think it is about time for some stampin up business?  I think so.  I think I am so far caught up on this summers business and can post some more current stuff.  I am getting busy for a craft sale in December so have been making a few small things to add to my many old things laying around.  The following project is a case from the big book on page 21 bottom left hand corner.  When I looked at it I thought it was made out of Popsicle sticks.  I looked and looked and thought I was right but my sister thinks it was done with paper, what else would stampin up use?  But I already had these done and liked them so continued making them this way.  So you choose which way you want to do them.  Here is my samples.....

Yoyo Yellow with Daisys

Red/Black Front View

Red/Black Side View

 Pink Front

Pink Side View

These three are done with the small Popsicle sticks (30) total, the larger ones use (50) sticks. The purple one on the left has a lolly flower on it.  It is my first attempt to make a lolly but I did not have my score pal yet so I just folded it.  Not to bad for a first try I think. There are two cross panels at the base of each to give them more strength.  I ended up putting potpourri in the inside of each.  I sold three already not shown here, a red/black, light green, and blue/dark pink.  I sold them for $4.50 filled but at the show I think I will sell them for $5 filled.

This is a very quick and easy project to make and just the right last minute give away gift.  They hold two emery boards.  I used the crimper on the bottom so they would not fall out.  Enlarge to see all the details that I put into them.  I have sold a few for seventy five cents but at the craft sale I think I will sell them for a dollar because of all the bling that I added.  What do you think?  Let me know.

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  1. Wow, what a lot of work you did on these. Beautiful detail. My favorites are the YoYo Yellow daisy and the next Red and Black basket. My favorite nail file holder is the one with the owl. But they are all very pretty. Way more work than I could do do Kathleen -- you are tons more patient than I am when crafting.