Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two new boys in my life

I have been lucky these past two months and now have two very special new boys in my life.  First I will tell you about my beautiful new grandson born on September 19, 2011.  His name is Evan Lee and he weighted in at eight pounds two ounces and twenty one inches long.  This was my daughter Stacey's second and second boy.  She was in labor for twenty four hours so it was quite tiring for her.  But for all that hard hard work she had a most beautiful baby.  Here are some pictures that his Aunt Sarah took of him.  I think she did a wonderful job.

Collection Aunt Sarah took at Hospital day of birth
Evan Lee and brother Issac Dawson (9)

Best Bud's

Evan minutes after birth

Going Home

Well that is my first little guy to sing praises for now here is my second little guy that I can love up whenever I want.  His name is Henry and I just added him to my family.  Here is his picture....

I have had him for three weeks now and he is ten weeks old.  Is he not a just a cutie?  Look at those two little wishbones above his eyes for good luck.  He has a little freckle under his left paw but did not get a picture of it, well have to some time to show you.  He loves to chase his tail and roll on his back and box with you.
Attack Cat

This is Henry's just before he attacks or pouches on you.  I call it his attack cat, he loves to stand on his back two legs.

Second Favorite Place to Sleep

Henry's second favorite place to sleep other than with me is the bottom of the fake tree that I have in the living room.  He just fits it now but I do not know what he will do in a couple of months.  I sure hope he does not try to climb it because as you can see the base is only a few inches around.  It would hold him now but not for long.  Of course he had to find my stash of sacks of sewing supplies I was hiding in the corner but so far he has left them alone..... I hope it stays that way because I do not have very much room to hide things in this tiny apartment.  He is having so much fun with all my craft supplies.  I think he might be my next recruit...does that count Sandi and Ronda?  He really likes Stampin UP ribbon and paper and the UPS boxes............................................


  1. Well if it was up to me it would count (i.e., recruiting Henry). If I had to pick, Evan is the cutest and his big brother; sorry Henry. Very cute pics -- I'm glad you posted them so I have a picture in my mind when you talk about them now.

  2. I am so sick of trying to post a comment on these blogs. I will try once more. Love the photos sarah took. Ivan is a real cutie pie. And I am so glad you have Henry now. He will be good company for you. Glad you are back on the computer. Look forward to seeing more of your creations. Love yah. Lois