Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nice to be back in the grove of things

It is so nice to finally have my computer back to working order.  You do not know how much you are attached to it until it breaks down.  Then after you get it fixed you wonder why did you wait so long to get something so easy done.  But I am just thankful it is done.  Well like I said I have lots of old pictures to get caught up with so here are some pictures of some summer projects.

Mariah Elizabeth

This is my granddaughter Mariah who turned fifteen this past June.  Took the picture a little too soon just before she smiled.  She is holding a prayer journal book that I made for her.  I first made one of these at one of Ronda Wades classes and I have made many since and given them away.

Gift bag front

I was told by my daughter that Mariah's favorite colors were purple and green.  Well what do mom's know, as you can see from Mariah's picture, it is ORANGE AND GREEN....yuck!

Backside of bag

I had these money holder cards setting around for quite some time and thought it was about time to do something with them.  Tell me what do you think?

Baby money card holder 2011

Airplane Money Card Holder

Flower Money Card Holder


This card is a little different than the norm.  The front is created using  a letter plate given to me and ran it through the bigshot.  It was a little thick for the bigshot but I got the effect I wanted.  How can you resist that face.


This summer was a time to get into my stash of inventory and clean out.  This was another set of cards and envelopes that I had set aside to make and never got to them.  Since the front of the card was precut I decided to place another flower inside the card to cover up the backside of the front of the card.

Pam's birthday card 071911 front view and envelope

Now I will close with my best card for my sister Pam's 59th birthday.  I just had to get this sewing stamp set just to do this card for Pam and she loved her card.  So if you are a reader of my blog you know that Pam is a avid sewer and loves Orange which made this card very easy to make.

Inside View

The pattern pieces I stamper on tissue paper to give it the real pattern piece look. And the tape measure I heat embossed silver ink at the tip to make it look like a real tape measure.  I had lots of fun making this special for Pam.  Well that is some of my summer projects let me know what you think of them.

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  1. I love ALL of these Kathy!! Don't broadcast this, but I have to admit I love your dog card the best even if you didn't use the best product on the market (SU). It is so dang cute!! I also love all the details you put in Pam's card (wrapping the thread around the spool, the material, and especially sewing only 3 buttons on the button holder. I can see why she loved it. I am so very glad you finally got your PC fixed so I can see all the projects you have described to me on the phone.