Friday, October 14, 2011


Well I hope I am past the computer problem.  I had a friend come down and work on my computer and hope we have taken care of my problems and maybe I can do some blogging now.  So here are some new but old pictures that I have been saving to post.

My first picture is of a table top that I did for my daughter Stephanie.


I was suppose to make this for Stephanie six years ago and got the material but never got the time to make it.  Well I just had to set myself down and do it finally.  The top is all done in piece work on the sewing machine in individual rows.  After layering the pieces together I hand quilted through the layers.  The fishes were added with fusible webbing and then blanket stitched with black embroidery floss.



Stephanie really liked it but thought it was too nice for her table.  I was glad she liked it.

Clara Smith's Pillow Case set

 This is the pillow case set that I made for my friend Clara Smith's 90th birthday party this year.  Now the Lord created the earth in seven days but it took me eight hard extra long days, two broken needle threaders, untieing many knots and now I think I must be going blind.  But I made it time for her birthday.  Why do I always wait till the last minute to think of a project to do?  Do any of you have that problem?

Lace Edging

Well that is it for today hope you enjoyed let me know what you think and hope to post in a couple of days since I have lots of pictures stacked up in back order from the past few months.

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