Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Birdhouse Project 3014

This is a super cool project I did when my sister Pam came over for a few days for a visit.We made birdhouses from discarded styrofoam coolers.  This is the one that my sister Pam made.


This is my birdhouse.  It started with a small rectangle styrofoam cooler that someone here had their meds delivered in. The size of the container was around 6 x 10. The final finished size of my birdhouse was 11inches sides x 14 inches front x 19 inches tall. We inserted two poles on top of container at center front and back with a notch to hold a pole along the width (looked like a goal post sideways). This gave us the top pitch to our roof to lean our sticks on.  We went around our yards and collected things to use such as small twigs, acorns, pine cones, bark, bark with moss on it, and stones, We also purchased from the store some fake leaves, moss and some dried stasis.  We painted the white styrofoam cooler black and made a few holes on the side to vent for air and glued the top shut. Also made a small hole for the door. I choose to use an old metal fork for my perch at the door.  Then we just went wild and created whatever we wanted.

One side view.

back  view

 other side view

Later my friend Jan came over and this is the one that she made. See how they were all different but all so special.  I have not put mine out side yet but before I do I am going to coat it with a sealer. I had several extra containers and Pam took them home to use for her "Crafty Thursday" craft day with her group of girlfriends.  Pam told me that her daughter Caly made one and put it out in the garden and one day during a storm it blew over. I am not sure but I think it broke.  So her suggestion was that before you put it together take and screw it to a heavy wooden base that can be secured down to eliminate this problem. So this just gives you and outside the box thinking of what to do with someone else's trash.  So for all of you that come to my house and say that I am a hoarder stop it because it all has a special purpose in its special time.

So another fun thing that I do with my extra time.  I love to create and this was a very fun project but even more fun when it was shared with two special people in my life.  Let me know what you think.

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