Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Garden Chair Tranformation

Because of my back pain when I work in the garden I set in a chair to weed.  This helps with the stress on my back. When I first started working in the garden in 2012 I used the lawn chair that went with the set that management furnished for the garden.  They had two chairs and a double chair. here is a picture of them.

In 2013 I noticed that the straps were starting to break and asked management if they were to throw them out that my sister knew how to fix them and if I could have them.  So they said that I could have them to just put my name on them. I did this and moved them over to where my garden area was.

As you can see some of the straps are starting to come off on the front chair.  This is the chair that I set in. I got  the two umbrellas at a garage sale one that goes in the ground and the other attaches to the back of the chair. Well this worked for another year and I got slothful and got the pattern from my sister to re due them but kept putting it off to re due them.  Well in 2015 I had a fall out with management and they changed their mine of what they told me.  They said they only gave me one chair and took the other chair and threw it away and the double chair put it back for everyone in the garden to use. I had no proof to what they previously told me so what could I do.  I really liked these chairs because they have a strong metal base to them and hold  a lot of weight and do not sink into the ground when weeding in the garden.  I was very upset to loose the other two.  So I decides I better refinish the one chair before they change their mine on this one so here is what I did with it.

A good friend of mine Greg Grieves had a man at his shop fix a break and put some new flat feet on the bottom of the legs to help it to stay on top of the ground. Before I started I cleaned and repainted the metal on the chair with white paint. I choose a dark maroon background yarn for the base then weaved white from side to side connecting it with a crochet stitch at the start and end of each row.

Starting to weave a row along the top of the chair

 working my way down the back of chair.

All done. It looks like a brand new chair right from the factory now.  It cost me $20 for the yarn and a weeks worth of time and lots and lots of frustration.  I almost gave up.  I will never want to do another one so this one better LAST FOREVER! If I have to do another one I have my sisters (Pam's) phone number and will be speed dialing it in a flash.  So let me know what do you think of my project?

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