Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Fun 2009

GrandDaughter Mariah Christmas 2009
She lived in that hat all day long.  I guess I forgot what it is like to be 13!

Below she is trying to hula hoop to her Wii Fit game, it was so funny watching her. It is a game that is computer generated on the TV by stepping on this stool. You have  a remote in your hand and you do all the actions.  So in a sence you are doing all the work and if you do not do it right you fail.  So if she did not swing her hips just right or did not catch another hula hoop to earn exta points her game was over.  Then at the end it told her how many calories that she burned off doing that exercise.  But the best part is watching them move when they have no hoop and you just die laughing.

and here are some pictures of their dog Freddie

Don't you just want to love him?

He really is as sweet as he looks!

Showing us his new hair cut.  I want him so so so bad!!!!!!!

Alex and Freddie saying good-by for now.  Will send more after this weekend when I get together with my two daughters and family for our Christmas on Saturday to open presents.  That was the first time we could all get together so we decided to wait till then to share. We are getting together at Stephanie's house where these pictures were taken so I am sure Freddie will sneek in a few mug shots as well. Until then hope you enjoy and happy holiday let me know what you think.


  1. Freddie sure is a cutie...Maybe you could doggie sit for Steph some night or day. Mariah sure looks cute in her bright neon hat! You did a great job on both Mariah's tray and Alex's bulletin board. I need to get busy and make some stuff soon. Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR from your sister.

  2. Oh, I am going to have to disagree with you on this one Kathleen! You haven't seen Wallie yet. Harley has always been handsome, but now there is Wallie and only one word discribes him: CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! I can't imagine what it would be like with all three of them together however. I bet Freddie doesn't chew up as many shoes as my boys do. We will have to have the war of the dogs -- LOL. Nice pics Kathleen!!
    Happy New Year's Eve, Sandi

  3. Freddie may not chew up shoes but he has chewed up his fair share of kleenix's. Not sure what kind of fetish that is, but not something that is pleasant . . . oh, he did chew up my dental bite splint (can't be replaced cheaply) one day too. But he sure is cute, otherwise he wouldn't have lasted in my house :) Steph