Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Craft Table Displays


Here are the peppermint pattie punch stampinup gifts that I made for my craft show.  They are all made using different stampinup punches.  There are so many ideas out there you could go on forever.  If you cannot make out the picture do a left click on you mouse on the picture and it will enlarge the picture so you can see it better. But here is a list of what every thing is: back row Santa, raindeer, spider, eyeball, chick, sheep, next row are the four Sesame Street Characters Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo, then a pink flower, blue flower, cupcake, next row are three different ornaments cut from the new ornament stamp set and punch, penquin, snowflake and front row a fish.  I sold a lot of these and sold them 3 for a $1.00. The best seller was the santa.  I made a total of 10 and sold all of them.  Least was the cupcake and eyeball did not sell any of them.  The eyeball would do good probably before holloween and this was just after.

Die Cut Christmas Tree
The new die cut Christmas tree from the Christmas flyer.  If you want to spend a lot of time on a project this one is for you.  I have seen on line where some people just cut it out of DSP then put it together and that is it, they were wise!  This was very time consuming.  I only put $3.00 on mine, made 5, kept one for myself, sold three. I am glad I got my die cut at the discount $10 price.

Santa Boxes
These were a big hit.  I think I made a total of 16 and only have 5 left.  I sold them for $3.00 each. I got the idea from Tammy Ackerson http://tamieackerson.typepad.com/my_weblog/
She comes up with the best ideas.  People seem to like the tall one better, which I would of though it would of been the other way around.


  1. I love, love, love your Christmas trees. The applique really makes them look real. Great job on those Kathleen, as I know how hard they are to put together. Honestly, you always have to work a little harder to get that WOW sometimes. I just wish I could get like others and do a WOW simple project.

  2. Kathleen, I just happened to check you blog to see if anything new and WOW you sure did! I love doing those peppermint patties but mine pale by camparison. You did a great job on those. I have had the Xmas tree but haven't used it yet, I guess now I will have to. Like Sandi said, the applique really sets it off. Looks so real. TFS