Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally Craft Day-Table Display

Pretty in Pink
Well finally craft day is here.  After a lot of work and long hours this is what I have to display for my craft show.  Starting on the left you start with sets of tags, stationary w/envelopes, matchboxes w/candy inside, trivets/hotplates, calendar packet which includes 12 months-easle-and decorative box, and on right corner are corner bookmarks. Far back right corner are three wooden pencil holders with 3-D stampin attachments.

Starting on left front corner are my tic-tac-toe magnetic tin games, 3-D die cut Christmas tree, Santa Boxes, hard to see but two jars with holiday rub-ons and filled with potpourri, gable boxes along back, decorative boxes, note purses with four note cards included, pepermint patties punch caracters, double tea bag card holders, hot coco cards, cup-a-soup cards, holiday matchboxes filled with candy, candy favor bags, sweetart sliders.

This table I had my cards on display.  I have all my Christamas cards out and then a few of my favorate assorted other cards.  People would come by and look and then pick up which one that they wanted then bring it to me.  I had my extra behind the display to hand out.  Also for those that I could not put out for display since I have over 150 cards total I have three different binders. The binders are Birthdays, Holidays, and Card Catalog which are divided with tabs labeling the catagory such as Get Well, Friend, Anniversary, etc..  People were told to look in the binders and if they wanted a card to take it out.  I have them attached with velcro then to bring it to me and I will get them the card for them.  I have a number on the back of each card so that I can keep record of sales plus know where to place it back in  my binder.  I had great success with this and sold many cards. All my cards are the same price $2.00.

I had a supper success at this show and made many new contacts.  For the small town that we are the amount of sale that I ended up with ended up being the same or better than what I have done at big town shows.  I ended up selling over 2/3 of my enventory.  Now I have room to start stamping for more great ideas!!!!


  1. Kathleen, This is soooo impressive. Was there room for anyone else to sell their wares? You did a fantastic job on your display and I am not surprised that you sold over 2/3's of your inventory. What was you biggest seller? Well once you get settled down, give me a call. Once again, GREAT JOB

  2. Lois, my biggest seller were the trivits and my Santas boxes and my cards.

  3. Oh my gosh Kathleen!! I can't believe you made all of that -- even tho I have been listening to the dailey progress, it just didn't register that it had amassed to this. Good for you -- just like the old days huh? I want to see a close up of your trivets. I am very happy that you were able to sell so much, especially when I read all the horror stories of craft sales. We had a super weekend, I'll tell you all about it next time we talk. I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep -- LOL.