Thursday, February 11, 2010



This is my latest quest making these fun pins.  All three of these are stampinup stamps with various stampinup paper.  If some of you are formular with a wordless book that is how I layered the colors on my first stamp.  I have several horse people this way so had to do a horse one and Taken with Teal is one of my favorate colors and just love the pearls from the pretties kit.  I used crystal effects to glue and a tip, if you get any extra on the plastic of the pin just put some witch hazel on a cuetip and wipe it off. It does a great job.  The last pin I get a kick out of.  In case you cannot read all of it it says " A balanced diet is a chocolate in each hand" and the three little beads at the top are suppose to be mini chocolates.  Sorry they are just wooden beads I did not want the chocolate to melt on your blouse. As if it would get that far in my house!

Here are some more:

Hope you enjoy I had fun coming up with new ideas.  Let me know what you think.  Oh yea, forgot to tell you that the button has a plastic front to it so you can glue things to it.  It snaps open in the back to put a picture inside then closes really easy.  I cut my stamped circle a little smaller so that I could put some DSP as a border around to give it some punch.


  1. Very cute idea Kathleen. Like all the variety and choices. There is something for everyone to pick from here. I know when I see you, you will ask which one I like the best, so I will tell you now. It probably is the "Never Stop Believing." I don't remember ever seeing this stamp or punch -- so you have been holding out on me. I think the horse and dog buttons will be hot sellers for you along with the one I picked. Course the kittens are cute too. Oh well, let's just say that you will probably sell out on these at your craft fair.

  2. These are so adorable, Kathleen. My fav is the bear with the "hello" sign and the Kitten's one next to it. You have quit the imagination, sis. TFS. (See you on Sat.)