Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fancy Pins and Hair Attachmets

Fancy Pins
I got started doing this new idea making pins with the bigshot dies that I just could not stop making them. Since starting with stampingup I have been neglecting my other crafts like sewing.  But with the bigshot I can combine both at once.  So off to my fabric stash I went. I had so many fat quarters for my quilts to choose from it was hard to stop.  I tryed to use a combination of three different fabric choices per flower.  A couple of them I even used my ink and sponged the edge of the white material to match (see the green on on the far right on the third row and the blue one at the start of the next row.  The blue one is very hard to pick up and see but I just used my sponge and inked the edge of the material like we do on our stamps.) I attached all the beads and buttons with crystal effects.  There is a little bit of sewing to gather the scalloped flowers but the daisies are all done with just the bigshot then I used tombo glue to glue the layers together.

These two pins use lots of material and took longer to make.  They are ruffly the same size but just taller and fuller.

These are barrets/hair accessories.  I basically used the same patterns as with the pins but a few are different.  All my pattern directions I got from video's. I ended up doing a total of 99.  You do not know how hard it is for me not to make it an even 100 but already put everything away and on to the next project.  Sold four at lunch today to one person so my numbers would of still been off.


  1. Wow, wow, wow Kathy!! These are gorgeous. My very favorites are in the top picture, the bottom 2 rows. I think the yellow daises with the smily faces are so cute and love the tiny flowers in the material. What a lot of work, but knew these would go fast. Way to go!
    P.S. I see it has been a week since I have posted so maybe I'll take some pics of my flowers tomorrow to update my post.

  2. First of all, I am so happy you got your computer fixed. Second, WOW WOW WOW WOW (that is one more than Sandi!) I can't really pick a favorite as I like them all. Do you think I could buy the yellow one with the smiley face with sun glasses and the one that looks lavender & white near the yellow ones (barrets/hairpieces) for Jenna and Kirsten. Maybe you can bring them next Friday. I will talk with you before then but didn't want you to sell them before I see you. Great job. catch you later.

  3. I enjoyed visiting your blog today, cool pins!
    May God bless you and your family,
    Sherrill Graff
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