Saturday, June 5, 2010

Craft Show

Craft Show 05/21-22/10
Okay it has been a while since I have posted but I needed a break.  As you can see from this picture I was a very busy lady.  My sister Pam and myself did a two day craft/bake sale here at my apartment building and we did not do to bad being that it downpored rain the first day.


As you can see we were kept very busy making things. We had a third person who lived in  my building Sherri who did the afagans. 

The purses on the top were made by Pam and the purses on the bottom are my reversable rag purses.  Pam's husband made this tree stand and it made for a wonderful display rack.

Now comes the fun part, FOOD, this is were we did 99% of our sales. It just was not the right time of the year for craft sales but thank goodness that we had the baked part to our days.  Pam is such a terrific cook and the word spread fast.  She had this super idea on the first day to start off with baking Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip cookies first thing.  Man the smell spread throughout the three floor building and we had them coming like flies.  We sold all six dozen before the end of the sale.  We also did a take-out lunch/dinner all day menu and had Pam flying in the kitchen.

Well that is all I well share with you today.  I will share more pictures tomorrow of the different crafts we had.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.


  1. WOW, you sure did have a lot of bake goods. I almost jumped into the monitor to start sampling. LOL I didn't see any paper crafts-did you do any? Or is that coming tomorrow?? Great job Kathleen and Pam.

  2. Man, this is making me really hungry. Especially because all I have had to eat today is a peanut butter sandwitch. Time to go get me some ice cream, yum, yum!! Lots of stuff here Kathy!!