Friday, June 11, 2010

More Crafts from Craft Sale

Large Magnetic/Clip/Chalk Boards
The top one is my game board using left over pieces from a Scrabble game and the Game Night DSP from StampinUP and the matching stamp set on the hanging chipboard tags. You can barely see the little note clip on the top left corner on the magnet side of the board.  That whole side of the canvas is a sheet of metal covered with the DS paper for your magnets.  I included three wooden magnets with every board, here I used three stars with Scrabble tiles spelling "GUM". At the bottom on the right side is the tray from the Scrabble game but instead of using it to put your letter on it is to put your chalk on. The bottom board is the same idea only using ducks.

The top one is for the pet lover.  You can see the clip on the top left corner a little clearer here it is holding a round tag.  At the bottom right corner I used an inverted wooden thimble to hold the chalk for this one. I painted the canvas with chalk paint first before starting my project.  This was before I found out that StampinUP had chalk vinyl for sale.

These are the three different sizes that I choose Large, Medium, and Small.  The medium and small sizes are just chalk boards and are a good size for handing on a door knob.

Back left jewelry packs (necklace-pin-earrings), gable boxes, wooden pencil holders, sliding matchbox decorative boxes, cloth pins, in front gift bags with card.

Here is some of my sister Pam's stuff that she did.  On the far left side which you can barely see are some gift bags, then some kitchen towels, purses and in the front on the right side are some bags within a bag for your purse.  It is for when you are in the store and you buy something and you forget your tote bag you have a bag inside your purse handy.

Pam's purse selection one of my rag purses on the very bottom and my applique sweatshirts on the bottom.

Well now that is the rest of my pictures hope you enjoyed seeing them let me know what you think.


  1. My favorite chalk board is the one with the geese. Gosh, how much inventory did you have? Pam was sure working in her sewing room also. What can I say that I haven't alread said. GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Like I said before, way more work than I could ever do in a year. You really had a great variety of items in your craft sale. I really do like your chalkboards, to bad I don't have any wall space in my kitchen for something like this (I'm lucky that I have space for myself). Hope your are feeling better soon.