Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Newest Crafts

Sorry my next day update turned into two days.  I have been having trouble with my knee from Hell this week.  My arthritis decided to control my lifestyle and I have been limping in pain for the past two day. So finally got some pain pills yesterday and much sleep later am able to set at the computer for a while at a time.

Here are the pictures of the crafts that I did for my craft show.

Here is the display with all of my birthday cards on it.

These are all occasion cards

The rest of the cards.
I set out one of each card for people to look at. Then behind the table I have all the extra cards that I sell.

In the center are the new small and medium chalk boards that I just started making.  These are small enough to hand on your door for a quick message.

Bottom row are the new plaster tiles that I just tried doing.  They were fun and quick to make.  Just make sure that the tile that you choose does not have a smooth finish or else the plaster will slide off after it is dried and it will have to be glued on with crystal effects.  Believe me I found out this the hard way. Center row are the birdhouse milk carton boxes with jellybeans inside.  You use the bigshot milk carton die for these.  I also did some with butterflies on the front.  The back row are the large 12 X 12 magnet/chalk/note boards. I included a place on each one to hold the chalk.  Instead of buying the new chalk sheets from StampinUp I bought chalk paint from the store and painted my background canvas with the paint.  The metal sheet for the magnet side I covered with DS paper then added three wooden magnets.  There is also a little clip on the top left corner to hold messages.

More samples but here you can see the butterfly milk cartons.

Around the corner and here are the new cloth barrettes, corner bookmarks, beaded pens, chap stick purse, post-it note holder container,  back row decorative boxes.

Lastly I will leave you with the homemade sidewalk chalk that my sister Pam and I made.  Not bad for our first try.  Can you guess what we used for our mold? If you guessed toilet paper cylinders you were right. There is a total of 56 here and we used two boxes of plaster.  And it really works.  It is so cool.  The favorite color of everyone was the black and white one.

Well I will post more tomorrow with the rest of the stuff, let me know what you think.


  1. Wow, your marbled chalk looks good enough to eat! I cannot believe how much you did. It looks like more than 3 months of work to me, no way I could have done all of that in that time. I like your chalk boards, couldn't pick a favorite -- it was too close to narrow down. Great job Kathleen, you need to open a store now.

  2. Hi, sorry it took so long to check out your blog. As Sandi said, "You sure have a lot of items on your tables." It all looks so great and I can't figure out why you didn't sell more! Are you going to any of the fairs and try to sell some of your loot? You and Pam both did a great job on your crafts and the bake goods would have all been gone in one hour if I had been there. LOL