Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Caly's & John's Cookbook Scrapbook Page One

Okay here we go, this is what I have been doing for the last two days.  This is the start of the cookbook scrapbook for my neice Caly's surprise shower gift.  This is page one.  I got the recipies from and I just love how you can print out the 3 X 5 size cards.  I have used this to make different class projects.  The only drawback is that sometimes at the bottom where they have their address logo when it prints the recipe it prints over and you cannot read the directions on that line. As you can barely see on the top card bottom line here it is a type over print.  But other than that it is a great place to go to get recipies.

One of Caly's choices of  favorate foods was mashed potatoes and gravy so that is the heading of this section.   On the left is my sister Pam, her mom, giving her a bath. You never have a scrapbook without at least one naked bath picture for the host, RIGHT!  On the bottom right is my mother and Caly's grandmother.  Pam did give me warning that I was not to have any pictures of her in this but I told her I would try my best but she was the mom and I at least had to have some.

SUPPLIES:  3/16 Corner Rounder Punch  Paper: Rose Red, Lavender Lace

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