Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chapstick Gift Holder

This is in answer to the comment that Anonymous (Pam) made asking for a picture of what the holder looks like on the front with the ribbon threaded through.  The bottom open holder is my first sample and I used the wrong punch for the hole so instead of throwing it away I just glued some paper over the hole and redid with correct punch.  So sorry it looks so sloppy, this one is just a sample not for resale.  But this is the correct punch now, the double rectangle punch.

Pam was having trouble understanding how I threaded the ribbon around.  Start in the center two slots with the holder facing you as it is on the bottom of my picture here.  Divide your ribbon in half and thread it DOWNWARDS, one end, in each slot.  Pull the ribbon all the way through but leave just enough to hold the chapstick in place.  See other picture below of finished holder. Now you will be threading each end of your ribbon in two different directions around your holder. Make sure you leave extra ribbon for each handle when you get to the top edge of each holder. You will continue all the way around till you reach the other side in the middle two slots. This time you will be coming UP with the ribbon.  These two ends of your ribbon will make the bow that you will tie around the other end of the chapstick. I hope this helps make it clearer for everyone.

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  1. Thanks so very, very much for posting this!!!! It really makes a difference in my being able to make one. I don't have a blog so I can't show you what I make.

    Thanks again for being so awesome!!!!