Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Matchbox Treat Boxes

Here is 27 matchboxes that I just made aren't they cute?  I had so much fun making them and had lots of stamps to choose from.  I used stampin ups matchbox die cut but did the directions differently.  On the inside slider insted of folding down all four sides I only folded the two short sides.  I left the two longer sides open.  An open box is in the second row from the bottom up on the far left side.  I put lifesaver candy inside but I think these would also make a nice box for either a pair of earrings, necklace, or a nice pin for someone. I used the packing tape method for the front with glitter then matched the ribbon to the ink that I used.  I took them down to bingo Monday and sold two right away.


  1. Wow Kathleen, you did a great job getting this together. I am really proud of you that you did this all on your own. Welcome to Blog Land. I would have posted comment earlier, but you must have been in process of editing as it wouldn't let me post. Congratulations and I'm anxious to see how you do under Ronda's guidance (seeing how much trouble you give me when I give you a challenge -- LOL).

  2. OMG! These boxes are so much better when you blow up photo. Now I can see how you made and decorated them. Super Job. TFS